Integrated Accounting Services LLC

Integrated Accounting Services LLC offers more than accurate financial reporting and certification for your information technology controls. We examine all aspects of your business to discover ways to integrate your services and improve efficiency. Businesses achieve success when their preparedness meets opportunity. To help you prepare for opportunity, we search for new ideas to focus your marketing goals to increase sales and benchmark your operations to become more competitive, while promoting ideas that will help you provide better products and services.

High Technology

Businesses incorporating the latest technology and controls in financial analysis and information systems reduce cost and raise their level of professionalism. Integrated Accounting Services focuses on identifying new ideas to upgrade and certify technology information services for financial reporting and processing private and nonpublic data.

New Standards

Certified audits provide a business with a competitive edge when presenting credentials and experience to financial institutions, investors and clients. The CPA.CITPs at Integrated Accounting Services emphasize the importance of auditing information technology systems to assure they meet privacy control standards and that data is accurate before auditing financial statements.


Maintaining employee proficiency is the key to building the reputation needed for word of mouth recommendations. We provide in depth consulting services along with a business education program for current and new employees that includes discipline training as well as supervisory and management development programs.